A good hob is a must in every kitchen and the latest trend is for induction however gas and ceramic hobs are still very popular, the choice is yours.

Induction Hobs

Induction hobs are energy efficient, ultra-quick and safe, making it the perfect choice for families with young children. It works by heating the pan not the hob, so heat is only conducted once the electo-magnetic coils beneath the hob’s surface come into contact with the a suitable pan. Induction is perfect for high heat cooking as well as low temperature cooking for sauces and melting chocolate.

Gas Hobs

Gas hobs are still very popular as it’s familiar and offers instant heat. Options range from single to two burner domino hobs to professional style six burner models for maximum cooking space. We now offer a range of gas on glass designs to give that aesthetic wow factor to your kitchen.

Ceramic Hobs

Ceramic is also a good choice with glass flush hobs available which offer touch controls and an easy clean finish. Available in a wide range of sizes from 30cm through to 90cm. Choose between manual and touch control, and look out for dual heating zones which are ideal for larger pans and stock pots.