Fridge Freezers


The two things to look for when it comes to refrigeration are capacity and energy efficiency. Think about your storage needs – do you buy more fresh or frozen food? This will determine whether you opt for a 50:50 two door fridge-freezer, a tall larder fridge and separate freezer, a three-door French style model with double fridge on top and pull-out freezer drawers below or an American-style side-by-side model.

Refrigeration is rated for energy efficiency with A+++ being the most efficient. Remember that your fridge is switched on 24/7, so it’s important to choose the most efficient model for your budget.

Other features to look for include humidity controlled drawers to keep meat, fish, vegetables and dairy fresh up to three times longer; antibacterial linings to prevent mould growth; multi airflow cooling, which electronically adjusts the flow of cold air throughout the fridge to keep food at a safe temperature and for added convenience, an ice and water dispenser.