Once you’ve chosen your kitchen cabinets and worktops, you might then be wondering how to choose kitchen appliances that suit your style of cooking and kitchen. The most basic kit comprises oven, hob and extractor. You can then create more flexibility by adding a second oven and perhaps a microwave and steam oven.

You may also consider a dishwasher – they use much less water than washing-up by hand – and a cooling product such as a fridge-freezer. Whatever kitchen appliance your looking for, make sure its energy efficient by choosing a model with an A rating. The next step is to think about the features and functions for each appliance that will make your life simpler.

Here at Gill’s we deal with all the main manufactures including Neff, Bosch, Siemans, Hotpoint and Whirlpool just to name a few.



Integrated appliances are the perfect for a modern seamless look they are generally smaller in size but are designed for a kitchen door to be fitted to the front of the appliance to completely conceal it.  Integrated appliances are available in a wide range of choice and including; fridges, freezers, washing machines, tumble dryers and dishwashers.


Freestanding appliances offer a larger capacity and are generally more economical to purchase.  They are normally fitted if you are just swapping over an existing appliance, want to keep costs down or if you have a separate utility area for washing and drying clothes.